Wedding Venues

Planning A Wedding

We are pleased to provide you with this sample wedding plan

1.  The proposal and engagement party

2.  Determine budget.

3.  Determine bridal party size.

4.  Discuss wedding date options.

5.  Determine number of guests.

6.  Determine theme of wedding.

7.  Discuss ideas for wedding venues and check on date availability.

8   Select a date and put a deposit on reception venue.

9.  Send out "Save the date" announcements

10. Select a ceremony location

11. Select a caterer.

12. Select a honeymoon location.

13. Select color theme.

14. Select wedding dress.

15. Select bridesmaids' dresses.

16. Select groom and groomsmen attire.

17. Select wedding cake.

18. Select decorations.

19. Determine music.

20. Select flowers.

21. Select invitations and mail them.

22. Determine ceremony vows.

23. Finalize reception details.

24. Finalize ceremony details.

25. Finalize RSVPs.

26. Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.


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